Infinity Scarf Jolita

Once in a while I got a customer -slash friend- who seemed eagerly to order something yet have no clue about what she want. Like few months back. Someone I know asked whether I can make a scarf for her. She said that she planned to go abroad.

I asked what kind, she had no clue. Then suddenly text me with a picture of scarf and wanted the same. I told her that it looks like an round-shape scarf, the kind you wear like wearing necklace. Is it okay? She said fine. Then I asked ‘do you want the same color’ the answer was ‘up to you’. Well most of the question is up to you. It’s kinda hard when having this type of customer. I mean, we might have a different taste in color >.<

I tried to search the source of the picture and found nothing. Until one day, I shared this to a friend and she helped me. VOILA. Turned out that it’s Infinity Scarf Jolita designed by Neringa P. And the pattern is for sale on Raverly. So I bought the pattern and ordered the yarns. Special request, the exact same or at least similar to what the picture showed.


Pretty Hand-dyed yarn from Crochet Republic

Long story short, I managed to crocheted the scarf. In my personal opinion, it’s a pretty one. I even planned to make one for myself in different color. Maybe from a blend color.

The thing was…

After I send the scarf, I hear nothing from her.


I wonder whether she like or don’t like it.

Should I ask? What do you think?



De’coupague Mannequin, a Trial

Months a go I saw this pretty decoupage head from Cynthia Banessa’s IG and really fall in love with it. Well, I LOVE Cynthia’s IG too. So colorful, full with pretty pictures of her crafting project. Totally an inspiration.
I had a little chat with her about her decoupage head while wondering where can I find all the material she mentioned. I mean, I never saw a Styrofoam  wig head in my place. Most of the wig-head is whether from plastic or rattan. So the idea to create my on decoupage mannequin was faded away >.<
Weeks ago when I got another insomnia attack and in desperate need to be busy, I remember my old mannequin. I hid it because kids are afraid of it. They even cried.
So that night, I grabbed that dusty mannequin and cleaned it up. Picked a fabric from my stashes box and just cut it into not-very small pieces. Mostly in triangle shape. Then I mix white glue (I use JUKU brand) with warm water, stir it well, and start to brush my mannequin with that mix glue and arrange those pieces. I use about 0.5 m of fabric to cover all over the mannequin.
Definitely will make another one soon.

Bebop Cardy with Lion Brand Pattern


Always this BEBOP Cardi pattern from LION BRAND. This was my 2nd time crocheting this pattern, actually. The very 1st one I made was for adult and it was lovely. Really really LOVE this pattern.

I crocheted this using local yarn (Cashmillon) from Crochet-Rockstar. Realy love this shiny yarn. For the flower, I didn’t follow any pattern. I just let my fingers dance along the way ^^

So what do you think??


Baby Jingga

Happiness is when your loyal customer send you a picture of her kiddo wearing your handmade product.

It’s really like flying without wings. Honestly.

This is Jingga. Her mom had been my loyal customer since Jingga was born and hopefully, she’ll be my customer for a long long time ^^



Happy Crafting,



Revised Bee

Remember my the Bee beanie which I posted here


My customer asked me to change put eyes and nose on it. And I did.



What do you think??